Friday, October 21, 2011

Cheap Make up Part Deuce!

This week, Rite Aid has BOGO 50% off all Cover Girl Products.  If you still have your $8 off 2 coupon, better use it soon it expires on the 31st!  This week they also have $10 Up Reward when you buy $30 worth of P&G products.  I don't have a need for anything else and I am supposed to curb my spending so I stopped with this!

There was slim pickings in the eye shadow department unless you wanted colors that went with the 5 inch hair poof from the 80's. Im an 80's baby and love 80's stuff but certain eye shadow colors should have been left in the 80's and never allowed out again!!

Anyway, enough babbling.  I grabbed 4 eye shadows, 3 of them retailed for $5.59 and 1 for $5.19.  One was brought down to $2.79 and one was brought down to $2.59.  With my 2 $8 coupons the total came down to $.60!  $.15 a piece.  Can't beat that with a stick! 

A shout out to Hayley!  Don't be scared!  Just do it!!

Oh, sorry for the crappy picture, it was dark and I used my phone! 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rite Aid Deals!

Wow, I haven't posted since July 22.  I admit I have really been slacking lately.  With vacation, Marlee's 1st Birthday party, and all of us taking turns being sick couponing *kind of* took a back seat.  Not to mention the sales haven't been that awesome lately.

Any who.  What better way to get back into the groove then with some Rite Aid shopping!

This week they have their hand sanitizer for $1 plus $1 up reward.  You are allowed up to 4 $1 up rewards.  So I bought 4 of course, we use alot of hand sanitizer.  Apparently becoming a mom=germaphobe!

So I paid $4.24 for 4 bottles of hand sanitizer and got 4 $1 up rewards.

This week they also have Cover Girl products BOGO 50% off.  I don't usually buy Cover Girl after using it in high school I offically graduated to fancier cosmetics, but for an awesome price I figured what the heck.  Last week there was a coupon for $8 off 2 Cover Girl face products.  So I got 2 eyeliners they retailed for $5.39 a piece.  The total for the 2 was $8.09 with my $8 coupon $.09 a piece. 

They also had Pantene BOGO 50% off and (not sure which week) there was a $3 off two.  Retails for $4.99 a bottle.  $7.48-$3=$4.48 for the two. 

Palmolive 10 oz bottles were 10 for $10.  I didn't have coupon but we needed it. 

The 2 eye liners, shampoo, conditioner, and 2 bottles of palmolive, minus $11 in coupons and $4 up rewards came to $2.72. 

So for 4 bottles of hand sanitizer, 2 eye liners, shampoo, conditioner, 2 bottles of palmolive totals $6.96.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The coupon binder

Finally, I have some sort of organization with the coupons.  My husband is probably thrilled.  No more 2 inch thick folder with coupons shoved in. 

I am also now one of "those" coupon ladies, traveling with my binder full of coupons.  And I love it!

I bought some, well not some I bought alot of trading card pages.  65 to be exact.  Each page has 9 slots.  Thats 585 slots for coupons.  No they aren't all full, gimme time! And I used an old binder from when I went back to school for nursing, Ha, that really lasted, didn't it.  Atleast I have a binder to show for that stint not just student loans.

I went through my pile and threw about 3/4 of them away since they were already or about to expire.  Then I cut out the rest. 

I have them organized in sections by category and then in the slots by date of expiration.  Closest date of expiration to farthest date of expiration. 

I have a Beauty/body, Household products, Pet supplies, Snacks, Drinks, Spices/condiments/Dinner/Baking products (since they are all in the same area at the store), Cereals, Frozen foods, Deli, Meats, Dairy, Candy/Gum, Medicines, Baby, Miscellaneous, a page just for Target coupons, and Giant coupons for now. 

Razors and toothbrushes

Lately the sales and coupons haven't been all that great.  So I had kinda not been so neurotic about it.  But I got some good deals today and of course the bug has biten me again. 

Yesterday I went through my coupon folder and finally organized, Ill go more into that in my next post.  But when doing this I found some good coupons and thanks to the app A Cup Full I found some good deals.

In my coupon mess I found a bogo free Schick Razor, a bogo free Oral B Cross action toothbrush coupon, and a $2 off Oral B Advantage toothbrush.  Well this week at Giant they Schick Razor's are onsale for bogo free.  So with that and my coupon I got 2 packs for free.  They retail at Giant for $7.29 a piece.  I buy the cheapie pinks ones so these razor's are like gold to me! lol!  The Oral B Advantage toothbrush were onsale for 2/$4.  I got one of them and had a $2 off coupon making it free.  The Crossaction toothbrushes were $3.89, not on sale, but since we needed them and I was getting one for free I thought it can't be that bad.  So I paid $4.33 for about $25 worth of stuff. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Target Deals!

A couple months back I signed up online for a free beauty sample bag from Target.  I just found the bag yesterday....ooops!  And found a sample of Nivea Express Hydration Lotion-I am in love!  It smells amazing and doesn't have a greasy thick goopey feeling that some lotions have.  I hate that!  And it leaves my skin feeling amazing.  So being the couponer that I am I got to work looking for coupons for it!  I found a $1 off Nivea Lotion on Target and Nivea had a $2 off coupon on their Facebook Page.  The price at Target was $5.04 I ended up paying $2.04.  Not free, but a heck of a lot better then $5.04!

This week Target also has a 2 pack of Sharpie markers on sale for $1.  On their website there is a $1 off coupon.  Making them free!  I printed off 2 coupons, the coupon states one per order, so luckily I had my mom with me and she got the one pack.  If she hadn't been I would have just done separate transactions. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Giant sales and not sales!

There are certain things I will buy even if they aren't on sale.  We love Stonyfield products! My husband and I love their milk and after drinking it I refuse to go back to regular milk!  The same with their yogurts for us and Marlee.  Mar loves loves loves YoBaby and I have never seen it on sale!  Well has coupons that are printable!  And Giant doubles coupons up to $1!  So I am always printing their YoBaby, yogurt and milk coupons. 

The YoBaby regular yogurt is listed for $2.39 at Giant and with the $1 off it comes to $1.39 and 3 weeks ago Giant had a coupon insert in the Reading Eagle with a $1 off YoBaby.  So you can use both and get it for $.39.  YoBaby Meals which are also a hit, Peach & Squash especially, retails for $2.59 so you can get it for $1.59 or $.59.

The container of Stonyfield yogurt retails for $2.39 (I think, oops can't remember) and with the coupon that doubles it can be $1.39.  Much cheaper then buying single small containers of yogurt!

Now the milk is onsale this week at Giant for $3.49 and you can use a coupon.  Also, I have found that when you buy 2 at a time Giant prints out a coupon for $1.50 off 2 for your next purchase.

This week Giant also has pasta 10/$10.  Ronzoni and San Giorgio Quick Cook.  I believe 3 weeks ago there was a coupon for $1 off Ronzoni Healthy Harvest.  This makes it FREE!  I am not sure when, but there was a $.55 San Giorgio Quick Cook pasta.  And since Giant doubles up to $1 that make its FREE!  (I did buy it but we ate it already so no pic!  It is really good!)

Mayo is one of those things that I am picky about.  Most generics have a funky after taste.  We prefer Kraft!  So this week Giant has a Bonus Buy Savings price of 2/$5.  I had a $1 off coupon making it $1.50.  Not free but wayyy better then full price!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Discount Websites

There are some awesome websites with great products at great prices! 

One I have bought from numerous times is  My most recent purchase was flower flip flops for me and French Connection Cologne for my husband for fathers day and I paid $12 including shipping!  Now granted I had credits but the credits were ones that the website them self had given out over time!

If you aren't already a member here is a link to sign up

Some other sites I love are:
Gilt Groupe

Happy Shopping!


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